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Every time she gets naked for the cameras, does Kim Kardashian think about her children?

In this part of the world, people don’t care for the Kardashians.

Neither should they.

Most of us have bigger problems- like making sense of who stole what from our hard earned taxes (God this topic drives me nuts!)

Be that as it may, anyone with a halfway decent internet service provider will have encountered one Kardashian or another in one way or another. And that is the thing with attention, if you want it badly enough, there are ways and means to get it.

The Kardashians have found the ways and the means.

With the world’s most famous reality TV family, it appears, nothing is off limits. So the latest news that got the women of Hollywood divided over Kim Kardashian West’s nude selfies on social media should not have come as a surprise.

In case you missed the beginning, Kim Kardashian is the woman who got herself and ultimately her family famous because of a sex tape. Now a reality star married with 2 children, Kim repeatedly claims to regret her claim to fame and assures the world that she has moved on from the incident that took place 10 years ago. It would follow, you would think, that she would have slowed down and opted for a less dramatic life, especially after becoming a mother. As it appears, the joke was on us.

Kim was just getting started.

“When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.” Kim posted below a nude photo of herself on twitter – with a two black bars for censorship, of course.

The women of Hollywood reacted.

“Shout out to all women across the world using their brains, their strength, their work ethic, their talent, their ‘magic’ that they were born with, that only they possess. It may not ever bring you as much ‘attention’ or bank notes as using your body, your sex, your tits and asses, but women like you don’t need that kind of ‘attention’. In the quiet moments, you will feel something deeper, than the fleeting excitement rising from attention; you will feel something called pride and self-respect, keep on resisting the urge to cave. You will never have to make silly excuses for yourself”. The music star Pink wrote*.

Pink didn’t name Kardashian West, but then she didn’t have to.

Kim had a comeback,

“I am empowered by my body. I am empowered by my sexuality. I am empowered by feeling comfortable in my skin. I am empowered by showing the world my flaws and not being afraid of what anyone is going to say about me. And I hope that through this platform I have been given, I can encourage the same empowerment for girls and women all over the world”.

I am all for women’s empowerment but I am not convinced that posting nudes on a twitter page with 41 million followers, yes you read that right: 41 million followers, furthers any kind of cause.

Kim Kardashian has, time and again taken off her clothes for the world to see just what her mama gave her.  A reliable source tells me the latest incident makes 32.

Say what you will about Kim but she is marketing genious. Many of us may not agree with her methods but she is making a whole lot more money than most of us would make in ten lifetimes. I suppose she is one of those people for whom the adage “The end justifies the means” holds true.

Except in this case, does the end really justify the means?

No human being wants to be told what they can or cannot do. So yeah, no one has the right to tell Kim what she should or should not do with her body.

In this case though, the debate should not even about Kim or her body.

It’s about those adorable little kids of hers.

I keep wondering, every time she gives the world an eyeful, does Kim Kardashian think about how her actions might affect them?

Sure they may not be at that stage where they can give their mother any kind of feedback but they will get there. As will their friends.

Now if there is one thing I know about kids it is how cruel they can be. Adults too but at east by the time we become adults, most of us are measured in our actions, trying our best to function as members of a larger community. Not so with kids. Life hasn’t taught them quite as many lessons.

Kid cruelty is cruel. The gut-wrenching, heart-rending below the belt, mean girls kind of cruel.

All it takes is a playground incident, or even no incident for one kid to use the “At least my mother doesn’t put naked pictures of herself on the internet” line.

What, pray, can the kid whose mother’s naked pictures can be found on all over the net say to that?

That is the kind of insult that is hard to beat

– or get over.

Because no one, not even Kim Kardashian wants to see let alone be teased about pictures of their naked mother, no matter how hot she looks.

Kim might be empowered by showing the world her curves, she may ‘not be afraid of what anyone is going to say about her’ but when she had kids, she gave up some rights. Life stopped being all about her.

When she had kids, she needed to ‘be afraid’, because as a friend of mine put it, “In this age of the internet, anything you put out there, will never, ever be taken back”.


*After reading what Pink wrote I must admit I wanted to go out and buy ALL her albums, had no idea she had it in her!


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