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Today, I am oh-so proud!

My daughter just received an award for outstanding achievement in year one. Considering where we started, it’s no mean feat. Certainly worth immortalizing in writing.

On Tuesday September 3rd 2013, my little one joined primary school. You cannot begin to imagine how frightening that day was for us. Actually, with the benefit of hindsight, I think I will rephrase that: you cannot imagine how frightening that day was for me. What if she hated it? What if she didn’t make friends? What if she was be bullied? What if she needed me and I wasn’t there?

I put her in my shoes, the first time I did new things in my life- started my new job for instance. It was hard to imagine that a 5 and a half year old could be equipped with the mindset to deal with it all. I know kids go through all the time and its part of life but in this case, this was my kid. My little baby.

In the end, she coped. But it was hard. Other kids in the class knew each other from kindergarten, many were older than her. Some were oozing with confidence-she was intimidated. The teachers had to keep a close eye on her. Because often times, on the playground, in class, she was intimidated. But my little trooper kept at it. Together, we coped. I gave up work dinners and get togethers with friends and watching my favourite shows on TV. Because I needed to be there. Day by day, we walked the journey.

9 months later, her hard work and effort is honoured with an award. When her teacher told me what she had finally accomplished, my eyes welled up with tears.

It works. It really works. The hours you put in, the sacrifices you make. They count.

I have never been more proud in my life. This morning, as I watched her go up on stage to receive her prize a thousand thoughts were racing through my mind. But the most prominent one was my responsibility as a parent. At just 6 years old it’s a tough precedent we have set. 6 more years and then another 6 after that- and then some. And what I am talking about here is more than winning prizes, I am talking about the moments. The moments when things turn out just right and feel just so. But before those moments come, there is time and there is effort to be invested, lots of it. And that translates to assuming responsibility on a parents part. It’s a huge responsibility we are given.

By no means am I tooting my own horn here, because I know that sometimes, as parents we do everything we can but still end up with what they end up with. There are no guarantees how your child will turn out. No matter what you do. I am far from being a perfect parent. If I was to rate myself, I’d give myself a 6 and a half. I am not always there with my little one. Certainly not as often as I would like to be. So maybe I am a little deluded. Maybe my daughter’s success is inspite of me. Like I said, there are no guarantees, right? But I do my best. And in the end, that is all you can do. That is all that you can give.

Chiara when you are old enough and feel so inclined to read my blog please read this post. Because this is where the journey that counts started. I am so proud of you baby!



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