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All mums are working mums

‘Working mum?’ Hmmmm…I wonder which genius conjured this one up, a statement no less redundant than ‘free gifts’, ‘unexpected surprises‘ or ‘ATM Machines‘.

Because here is the fact: All mums are working mums.

Some work from home, others work from outside of home. The difference comes down to two things, job descriptions and appreciation.

The current injustice in our society, is that only a mum with a paying job is considered a working mum, the other mum, you know the one who is either forced by circumstance or chooses to stay at home and ‘just be a mother’, must be a lazy underachiever.

To say she is judged harshly is an understatement; indeed it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this breed of woman is threatened with extinction as she is fast being replaced by technology, nannies or both.

We have bestowed all glory and honor on ‘work outside of home mums’. They get the respect, recognition…and pay. These are women who besides ‘raising’ their children, help their husbands bring home the bacon, not just eat it… how could they be anything less than our modern day heroes? They are variously described as focused, ambitious, go-getters, high-achievers- adjectives reserved for so called ‘success stories’.

Meanwhile, the ‘work from home mum’ needs to constantly justify her role in society. “So you don’t work? Then what DO you do all day?” She is frequently asked.

And if she were to prepare an honest answer, this is how it would be framed: “I teach, discipline, provide transport services, plan and coordinate social events, provide security and consultancy services, provide health and nutritional care, offer counseling,  manage sanitation…and this is just the mum part, how about you, what do YOU do all day?”

But alas, the ‘work from home mum’  does not give an answer as straight as this one, instead, she shrugs off the derision that may or may not be calculated, and just gets on with life, often quietly, always un-heroically.

Perfectly captured with this video: The world’s toughest job


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